From March to August 2014 I worked together with Helen Weinstein and historyworks.tv on the project ‘Cycle of Songs’ (#cycleofsongs). When the Tour de France arrived in Cambridge on 7 July 2014, hidden stories of the city’s past along the route of the race were told. The stories had been performed by local people, choirs and musicians and are now “>available online via podcasts.

I researched on “Alice Springs”,a  town in Australia named after Alice Gillam Bell from Cambridge and on the “Hobson`s choice”.

Short summary of ‘Hobson’s Choice – Take it, or leave it!’

On the same ground where the St. Catharine’s College chapel has regular services for College students today, Thomas Hobson (1544-1631) rented out horses to University students in the 17th century. Hobson’s consumers had to make a special choice when they wanted to hire a horse, the choice between the first horse in the line, or none.  ‘Take it, or leave it’, this is Hobson’s choice.

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Short summary of ‘Alice Spring – A (true) love story’

Alice Gillam Bell of Cambridge could call herself a lucky women as there’s not many people who have a city named after them. She went to Australia in the 1850s aged 18 to live with the man she loved, Charles Todd, who in turn named the city Alice Springs after her.

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