Siemens 2002

Getting started

This is a brand new category of my blog. In the next weeks, month and hopefully years I will report on my research focusing on the history of computing. Since I concentrate my PhD on the history of computing in German military, most entries will be in this field and  sometimes in German language. I will try to translate most of the material.

Unfortunately the first post includes a documentary that is only available in German language. The film is called “WDR Computernacht” (WDR night of computing) and reflects on the development of mechanical and digital computers in Germany with the use of original source material mostly produced by West German Broadcasting Cologne. Even if you don’t understand German, the pictures are interesting enough! To be honest, the documentary is slightly long (4 hours) but it is worth the time. Relax and enjoy the fascinating history of computing.

Picture: Siemens 2002 Computer, build in the 1950s to be used in universities and companies.

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