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I’m Janine Funke (née Noack), 26 years old, currently based in Berlin but mostly traveling around Germany. As most of the people who have blog, I think the web is a great place to share ideas, discuss interesting topics and, of cause, to network. This blog is a space to cover a wide range of topics. Still, it’s very possible that most of my posts are about digital history and digital education because I’m interested in the various ways the internet can be used for education and participation. For this reason I love to work as a tutor and facilitator, especially in the field of youth education and participation. I do seminars on a various rage of topics, but try to be specialised on the use of digital tools.

So, where exactly do I work? I am part of the team who writes a fabulous daily newsletter ( on various topics in digital field. I am active in the field of digital education in D64 e.V, I am board member of Open History e.V., an newly founded association dealing with the interface between history and the public. In the end of November 2015, I am part of a team organising the first Barcamp for historians in Germany – the #histocamp.

Currently I am very pleased to be able to work on my PhD at the Centre for Contemporary History, financially supported by the Gerda Henkel Stiftung. I study the history of computing in German military. My work is supervised by Prof. Frank Bösch and Prof. Sönke Neitzel. From time to time I aim to publish some ideas and essays on certain aspects of this topic on the blog. I hope to be able to attend various conferences, meetings and lectures to share interesting content with you!

As most people mention what they do in their free time, I will add something to that: When I’m not working on my Phd or blogging, tweeting, facebooking and coding – you find me in the mountains for a hiking tour, somewhere in a café place with my friends or on my sofa with a newspaper.

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